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Over the past two years, the Matryxsoft Team has developed comprehensive, automated testing scripts based on my specifications using AscentialTest Tool. These scripts have automated the regression steps necessary to thoroughly validate the integrity of TransRe’s core applications and the data produced. The automated scripts developed for TransRe, perform step by step record creation for our online core Reinsurance application (TIRS) and validates the output of our core reporting system (GRM). The scripts validate that each record creation process step completes successfully. They also validate on a row by row and field by field basis, the generated report output results against expected results for all key reporting sets generated at TransRe. Automated test results are emailed to reviewers on completion of the scheduled tests. These test sets are used to validate the core systems in our test environment, after each application compile and before production release. The scripts are also used to separately validation the report output a production release of TIRS & GRM.


AscentialTest Tool outstands  other automation tools with mighty features built on snapshot technology to identify controls, codeless testing,  Image Comparisons, Render Text, Render Image, Technical support, Execution speed, CI integration and Tool reporting. Within a short time period, the tool has earned the confidence of automation team in line with faster scripting and even experienced reduction  in development efforts, time and maintenance. The tool is highly flexible enough to engage manual testers also in automation.

VINAY K, Solution Architect

AscentialTest Tool is an automated UI testing tool that helps faster and easier to creation of tests, manage and run functional tests for any Windows, Web or Rich Client software. The best part of it is that we can reuse Steps, Tests, Records, Objects and Plans repeatedly as per your requirement. Features like snapshot technology, Object repository, Image Compare, Render Image, CI integration and execution with different database are very useful and competitive. This tool provides high execution speed and less maintenance due to its battle-tested features as compared to other automation tool. I strongly recommend AscentialTest Tool for its highly qualified features.

DEBASISH  SAHOO, Technical Specialist 

AscentialTest tool is a user-friendly testing tool using which we can achieve script less automation. The attention seeking feature of the tool is the way it helps to identify the objects through snapshot technology. Simple drag drop option allow users to easily identify the objects from the captured screen shot, add inbuilt and user defined functions to the test cases and even adding multiple test cases to a test set etc. The tool provides a very high speed of execution which helps a tester to save enough time compared to other automation tools in the market. The tool maintain same reliability across multiple platforms, windows and web based applications. Anyone with a very basic coding knowledge can easily adapt to this tool.

VINAY NAIK, Senior Test Engineer, Solution Team 

AscentialTest tool is easy to learn and powerful to work upon IDE, Framework development and more. Using this tool, development is very quick, as most of the part need not to be created from the scratch. The finest part that attracted me is its in-built ability to ease difficult and complicated operations like PDF text comparison, tooltips handling, image comparison, web tables, popups. Its Powerful object recognition and snapshot capturing is really amazing and very competitive.

I would definitely recommend AscentialTest tool for large scale Test Automation Projects.

JITENDER DESHMUKH, Test Automation Lead