Speak The Language Of Your Customers 

Success of any international business rely on the countries’ native language. People prefer to obtain information in their own language rather than English. Hence, if a product or website is launched in the local language, there are chances that the customers likelihood of making a purchase increases and thereby expanding our revenue from international markets.

Why ? Consider Us…

Best Practices and Methodology are used to ensure the product is
all set for the local users with much faster Turn Around Time

In general, automation projects start testing with English as the primary language and then adds additional local languages. It should be noted that apart from language translation, the compatibility of the software with different regions, style, conventions, standards, design, time-zone etc. is also important.

We have language expertise, skilled resources and advanced testing tools to provide localization testing services to the expected quality. We can help the global organizations run localization testing of their products effectively and accurately.

Mandatory Parameters

To do localization successfully, one needs to understand the way the objects are recognized and used in the automation projects, which requires hands on experience and extreme care.

Adherence to different regional standards like-rules, regulations, time-zone, date, postal code, telephone numbers, currency etc

Conformity of the application with localized environments and GUI guidelines

Severe issues like language and vocabulary, visual, formatting and compatibility with text input acceptance, menu functions and more

Consistent software documentation, formats and layouts, design, style and proper coding /decoding characters for multiple locations and countries

Inappropriate translation of the content, font scripting, grammar mistakes, missing texts and even absence of untranslated messages

Our Strength

Highly Qualified Team with strong expertise in end to end Localization Testing

Custom-made Approach to ensure Quality and Performance for the end user

Experts who can secure congruity and consistency across localized versions

Cost-effective and Adjustable solution in line with your Needs

Higher ROI coupled with faster turnaround time and reduced risk to Clients