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AscentialTest Tool claims to Generate ROI within the year of Investment 

Productivity and Maintenance are always wreathed  by  great control over time, cost, power and quality. AscentialTest is an all-inclusive tool for software testing, developing manual and automated tests and even managing the testing process. The master builder of the tool, having the right knowledge about the cost of maintenance that erodes the return on investment in test automation has given it the highest priority in the product’s design. The step-based approach allows the testing staff to create durable tests that are as easy to maintain as they are to create. By eliminating the need to build a costly test framework, AscentialTest reduces the level of effort, increases productivity and lowers the cost of software testing.

Increased Productivity

AscentialTest increases the productivity of testing teams in three ways

  • Accessibility – AscentialTest does not require programming skills to develop effective, highly maintainable tests, allowing all team members to participate in the test development process.
  • Level of Effort – The Step-Builder combines the ease of use of a recorder with the flexibility of hand-scripted tests. Steps are built in a drag and drop interface which is significantly faster than recording or scripting.
  • Reuse – Test components are reusable, meaning there is less to create and maintain:
    • Object – application objects are defined once in a central location which insulates tests from future changes in the GUI of the target  application.
    • Steps – steps group actions together so that they can be reused to create an unlimited number of tests. Duplication is eliminated.
    • Tests – tests are built quickly and easily in a drag and drop environment from reusable steps.
    • Test Data –data tables are automatically generated and integrated with tests based on test data requirements. Data tables can be used to support any number of tests.

 First – rate Maintenance

Test maintenance is the most important consideration when selecting a testing tool. AscentialTest was designed to minimize the level of effort to keep tests up to date as the target application changes over the product life cycle.

  • Step-based approach – If the application under test changes, the user makes a single change to a step and all the tests that use that step are automatically updated.
  • Object definitions – By capturing and defining objects in a central location, maintenance is kept to a minimum when there are changes in the target application’s GUI.

 Return On Investment

Return on Investment (ROI) is based on our customers report and is specific to the organization and the project

Compared to other automation tools, AscentialTest Tool reportedly

  • Saves an average of 40% of the test development cost and time .
  • Saves around 70% of the regular cost, due to comfortable Test maintenance.
  • Increased the throughput of test execution by as much as 11 times.
  • Runs against applications faster and also provides the ability to distribute tests across an array of physical and/or virtual machines, significantly reducing the amount of time that it takes to complete testing cycles.

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