AscentialTest is Distinctive

Built on Snapshot Technology, AscentialTest Tool is advocated with drag and drop feature and rules out scripting and framework development, so that the tool aids in minimizing the cost for test maintenance and time taken for testing the software .

  • In case of conventional test automation tools, it is atmost necessary to write scripts and develop test framework to interpret tests.
  • In case of recorder test automation tools, it will try to recognize only standard control objects based on coordinates or property, but ignores the custom objects and records your test actions.

In both the above cases, Test development is afflicted due to scripting, developing test framework  and frequent changes in application. These inferences  offshoots skilled developers, extraneous time delays and heavy maintenance cost.

Now, Let us see how AscentialTest wipes out the above discussed conclusions

  • Once snapshot technology captures the snapshots of your screens, AscentialTest scans them and identifies all the objects settled in the snapshot.
  • Powerful Path Statements are provided to identify the objects uniquely in order to build a robust and sustainable object library.
  • Drag and Drop feature allows to create objects and steps by drag and drop actions.
  • Dragging combination of test action from snapshot creates step.
  • Step based approach allows parameterization to make every step reusable.
  • Dragging combination of steps creates your Tests.

The tool will,

  • Identify the screen/page which has changes,
  • Take a snapshot and fix your modified objects using path statements or replace the object by dragging.
  • Updates the steps and tests .
  • Maintain data changes easily  with inbuilt DataTable.