AscentialTest is a new generation test automation tool built with latest concepts and technology to effectuate software testing activity. Spruced with multi-functional features the user can manage test plans, test cases, test data, test execution, test results and defects sensibly. The tool tracks the progress of the test process and generates reports from the browser to update the user at regular intervals.

Object Recognition, Drag & Drop and Reusable steps/Tests are extra ordinary practice which empowers any user to decipher less work throughout building and maintaining and thereby ending up in saving time and cost all through the project.

Object Recognition

Objects associated with any application can  be recognized beyond confusion, No matter whether they are simple or complex, standard or custom, textual or image-based. The scope of the tool is irrespective of whatever testing platform and the recognition is not affected due to the changes in application.

Drag and Drop

Creating tests in the drag and drop editor can be done precisely at split second compared to traditional recording or scripting . This is achieved by interacting with application images called ‘snapshots’ which continue to function even if the target application  changes. Test actions are generated smoothly and hastily using this feature.

Reusable Steps/ Tests

Steps, Tests, Data, Objects and Plans can be reused repeatedly for as many tests we need. Reusable option uproots the need of recording the images of GUI , they even gets updated naturally whenever the target application changes. These action minimizes the time and maintenance for a tester. On that account , testers disburse  more time concentrating on  testing  in lieu of maintaining the tests.

No Frame Works

Building Test Frameworks are quiet expensive and time consuming task in a testing process. This is eliminated in AscentialTest tool through a massive approach of building relationships between application objects, test actions and  test data which generates and maintains the essence of the frame work required for testing.

No Programming Skills

Minimal technical expertise is required on the grounds that writing codes and scripting are exempted, but combined with spontaneous object recognition and drag and drop actions. These actions saves not only the time required for testing but also reduces the work load so that a tester can concentrate more on the precision of only the testing process instead of maintaining other issues raised from different tasks.

Automated /Manual Testing

Though automated tests possess maximum coverage, there are still some applications that require both automated and manual testing. Under such  prospects, it is problematic to use  two separate test cycles  that involves well – defined coordination, rapid debugging  and  proved results. AscentialTest combine both the operations together to achieve a constructive test description combined with  systematized test results.

Test Data Management

AscentialTest allows users to describe their data requirements graphically so that data types and objects can be generated automatically. Data input errors are minimized and the need for type conversions are set aside by tightly integrating application objects, tests and test data. The tool is embellished with an ease to create data driven tests, where  the test editor naturally creates data tables and binds the table fields to similar test actions.