Highly Transparent and allows flexibility to match the Clients’ requirement

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This model supports agile development process. You need to pay only for time and resources spent on the given project. Our experience and proficiency helps to manage additional changes and requirement during any phase of the project

Construed by the time and resources used up for

the projects, The model is prone to changes due to

unclear scope and requirement during their early stage


Projects with undefined procedure where the cost cannot be estimated

Projects featuring unpredictable scope

Clients asserting direct control over the process

Changes that cannot be foreseen ahead in time

Huge level of modification requests in the process

Projects connected with progressing markets and advanced technologies


Allows greater flexibility to add the volume of work, design and materials and to modify or adjust required changes for the project implementation

Client holds the responsibility for Environment setup whereas Service provider has to take the responsibility of the Delivery

Clients has sufficient command over the project, they can check stage by stage information with respect to requirement, budget, estimation and timeline

Provides high level of visibility and transparency related to the billing process of the implemented project to the client

Requirements and upgradations can be done during any phase of the project at additional cost to the client

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