Modernizing Legacy System

Migration plays an important role in the legacy applications where an application built in old technology stand in need for new technology (e.g.: .NET: Winforms to WPF). Almost every company will go for migration as it is always associated with its growth and further development. Migration testing, whether from legacy systems to a new system or from the existing tool to any new tool, is always considered as high risk for IT industry.  Automation testing in this field will be tiresome as the framework built will be collapsed and some organization will even scrap the entire automation project. Migration testing in particular fails to deliver on the business expectations, if not organised properly. But practically, it is very much possible to migrate the existing test automation project within scheduled time reliably through careful  handling of the object repository and using advanced methodology effectively.

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Once we undertake the project, we will invoke all necessary techniques and procedures to enhance the solution for our clients until they are completely satisfied.

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