Migration plays an important role in the legacy applications where an application built in old technology stand in need for new technology (e.g.: .NET: Winforms to WPF)

Software testing tools comforts a tester and contributes to the user in terms of cost /time /resource saving and thereby increasing the product quality and productivity. But the all-time demand for these tools depends on its capacity to accommodate to the rapidly changing requirements and technology. Most of the organizations prefer to migrate from legacy systems to new system or from the existing tool to any new tool, to keep themselves in pace with the growing technology.


Organizations using legacy software tools may find it difficult to handle short time releases, better test coverage, quality metrics and more suitable testing solution. Hence they might plan to migrate to other latest testing tools built on advanced technology to meet their extended requirements.

Migration testing, if not organized properly is always considered as high risk  for IT industry. The framework built may get collapsed, possibility of data corruption or missing data is high, issues with functionality, features and performance time etc., makes the process tiresome. Some organization will even scrap the entire automation project when it fails to deliver to their business expectations.

Having over a decade of experience, We provide quicker and seamless test tool migration for organizations

It is very much possible to migrate the existing test automation project within scheduled time reliably through careful  handling of the object repository and using advanced methodology effectively step by step avoiding shortest possible ways. Once we undertake the project, we will invoke all necessary techniques and procedures to enhance the solution for our clients until they are completely satisfied

Experienced team of resources knowledgeable in tool migration and functionalities of popular software testing tools in the market

Best practices and Test methodologies stringed with effective defect handling procedures and tool approach

Adaptable test frameworks and enhanced automation methods to overcome the constraint of the new tool

End-to-End support for tool migration starting from test building, test Execution/completion and maintenance of old test artifacts during each release

Custom-made Strategy and cost effective Procedures ensuring higher ROI integrated with faster turnaround time assuring NO risk for the clients