Fixed Price Model

A Model that guarantees low risk
for clients combined with an advantage of
fixed budget regardless of time

Well – Defined and Transparent in agreement with substantial requirements and fixed budgets from the initial phase of the project

Works Well For

Clearly defined Needs, Planned budget and Scope that will not change during later stages

Clients does not have time and possible environment to deal with the project requirements

Client doesn’t want to hold risks, but still wish to have an end  solution within a period of time

For Small and Medium sized project that does not last for more than few months

Advantages Of Fixed Price Model

  • Service provider is highly motivated to be efficient and productive

  • Clients can plan and set the budget depending on the requirement

  • Minimal client’s supervision is required

  • Precise and Transparent requirement and planned milestone

  • Risk of completion is Service Provider’s responsibility

  • Projects can be completed within a fixed budget and timeframe

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