Guarantees low risk for clients combined with an advantage of fixed budget regardless of time

Making a decision with Fixed price Contract ?

Organizations need to discuss with respect to all aspects of the project before advancement so that the cost/time of the software product can be estimated precisely. Our experts will lead the organisations’ demands to make the product available for the end-user within the budget before the estimated time .

Well – Defined and Transparent in agreement with substantial requirements and fixed budgets
from the initial phase of the project


Some organizations do not possess required technology or may not be interested to spend time to search for the technical details recommended for certain selected projects, instead, they prefer to go with off-the-rack solution for the available budget within a specified period of time. For such essentials, fixed price model will be an ideal choice. Since the needs of the client are stated and carefully analysed based on the given specifications, the cost of the project and time required for completion can be stated clearly.

Clearly defined Needs, Planned budget and Scope that will not change during later stages

Clients does not have time and possible environment to deal with the project requirements

Client doesn’t want to hold risks, but still wish to have an end  solution within a period of time

For Small and Medium sized project that does not last for more than few months


  • Service provider is highly motivated to be efficient and productive

  • Clients can plan and set the budget depending on the requirement

  • Minimal client’s supervision is required

  • Precise and Transparent requirement and planned milestone

  • Risk of completion is Service Provider’s responsibility

  • Projects can be completed within a fixed budget and time frame

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